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"We appointed Torribles two years ago and they have given us good services and saved us money. They are always on the ball."

Pains Fireworks Ltd


We have been around for 25 years selling insurance to companies and individuals. We know that 'disasters do happen' and have been there to pick up the pieces when our clients are the victims of fires, burglarys or floods. It's at times like these that the insurance policy changes from being an expense to a real tool - but only if it has been set up correctly!

At Torribles our job is to;

Advise our clients so that they can arrange the correct insurance for their needs.

Buy the insurance at the best possible terms from the 73 insurers and Lloyd's markets that supply our brokerage.

Administer our clients day to day insurance needs such as claims, extensions to cover and to always be there for advice.

Add value to the brokering service by implementing systems for risk management, health and safety, disaster recovery planning and staff training.

Our clients range from household names to private individuals and whilst the time needed to manage the insurances may vary the importance of getting insurance right and at the right price is identical to both the small and the large client.

Have a look at our web site which goes into detail about what we do and particular areas of expertise and if you think we might be able to help you then let us know by e-mail to or phone us at the office.