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Why directors and officers liability insurance is suddenly more important.

  • The increase in successful litigation against directors and officers has led to an increased need for insurance protection. The directors and officers of more than 60% of UK companies are now covered by Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.
  • Tighter UK and European regulation in the areas of health and safety, environment, employment and corporate governance is fuelling growth in litigation against company directors and officers.
  • Claims against directors and officers can be brought by an ever-widening group of people, including: employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, bankers, regulatory groups and shareholders.
  • Issues leading to litigation are widespread: wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, dishonesty, fraud, financial reporting and health and safety at work.
  • Employment related claims have grown dramatically in the UK, up 176% since 1989.

Directors and Officers are now held responsible, to unprecedented levels, for the management decisions they make. Claims brought against them for so called 'wrongful acts' can put their personal wealth at risk. Indeed, they can jeopardise the company's own financial viability if the company decides to reimburse the director or officer being sued.


  • Employment Practices Claim (for harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination etc.) including claims for emotional distress.
  • Libel and slander costs (including exemplary damages).
  • Pollution defence costs (sub-limited to £100,000).
  • Legal Expenses and costs regarding investigations into your company's affairs, even if there is no claim made against your directors or officers.
  • Claims brought for example under Health & Safety Regulations, for Corporate Manslaughter.
  • Protection for management and supervisory staff as well as directors and officers.
  • Advancement of defence costs.

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