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Businesses today face so many risks that it is essential they seek professional but impartial advice and guidance for all their insurance needs. As you can see from the following list, our services are comprehensive and can be tailor made to meet your particular company and business requirements.

Property: Damage, theft, fire - all these risks can be insured separately or together.
Earnings Protection: Essential cover that protects your business profits following a loss.
Computer Cover: Insures you against Accidental Damage, theft, breakdown, business interruption and reinstatement of data.
Money: Cover for money whether stored or in transit.
Employers Liability: Covers your legal liability to employees.
Public and Products Liability: Covers your legal liability to members of the public.
Commercial Vehicle and Motor Fleet: The best possible cover at the lowest possible premiums.
Legal Expenses: Provides your business with legal advice and financial muscle whenever you need to enforce or defend your legal rights.
Directors' and Officers' Liability: Covers Due Diligence and Fiducial Duty.
Professional Indemnity: Cover for professional error that could cause litigation and loss.
Business Travel: Complete protection, both at home or abroad.
Credit Insurance: With bad debts on the increase, this is one of the most significant risks facing any business. Choosing the best cover, however, is a job for the experts.
Marine & Aviation: Cover for yachts, motor cruisers, light aircraft and helicopters.
Key-Man Insurance: The loss of a key Director or other important member of staff could lose you business and credibility. We can arrange valuable cover.
Transit Cover: Protection for goods in transit.
Engineering & Inspection: With ever changing legislation, Health & Safety requirements, COSHH regulations etc, your business needs professional advice on risk assessment.