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heading Arranging insurance for the Gun Trade requires a specialist knowledge of your business - it’s not just about getting the right premium but also the right insurance cover.

At Torribles we understand the complexities of the Gun Trade. Our aim is to provide you with competitive premiums after carrying out a review of your current insurances and your business requirements. If we win your business then we shall make sure that the future will hold the same level of service and premium competitiveness.

Our insurance product has been specifically designed for the Gun Trade including:

  • Manufacturers of guns and cartridges
  • Retailers and dealers
  • Shooting grounds
  • Gunsmiths and armourers
  • Importers and agents

Benefits include:

  • Dedicated specialist staff with knowledge of your industry
  • Personal service including annual visits
  • Competitive premiums
  • Wide cover including difficult to insure areas such as reloading
  • Premium discounts available for well managed and/or low claims history
  • Competitive monthly instalment rates
  • Higher Public Liability indemnity limits available

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For more information and a quote please call our dedicated gun trade team on 0845 130 2498 or email