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Mouth Cancer Foundation logo

Torribles is proud to support the Mouth Cancer Foundation (MCF) for its current financial year, and will be raising money through various events, activities and our office fine system.  This year’s vote produced a unanimous response to support the MCF due to a member of staff being directly affected by this little heard-of cancer.

Did you know that one person dies of Mouth Cancer every 5 hours in the UK?  Incidences are on the increase (cases up nearly 20% from 1995-2001) and the mortality rate is higher than breast cancer, cervical cancer or skin melanoma.

For further information about Mouth Cancer, the symptoms & the risk factors, or how to reduce your chances of getting these cancers please look at the website

You can also read about objectives of the Mouth Cancer Foundation and find out how to help the Foundation by raising awareness or making a donation.